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I am taking a well earned break to be in my NZ rose garden:

Please email me or leave a message on (07) 3899 332274

I will get back to you.
I will be back to Brisbane clinic 16th January and will be in the Brisbane for a month.
Back to NZ and will bounce between..
Thus means – take charge – get hold of me to get started on a New You.

In the meantime – programmes as your commitment – to yourself will involve SO MUCH MORE than showing up and my doing something as that pendulum swing – after my 40 years of working with people – I am choosing how I work.

here is a link to a free (for the next week whilst I am not in clinic) to give you a taste for what is possible –

Answering the “What Do I Eat?” question . .

Love Your Body Better FREE

If you want real change – you have to make it.
I can point you in the direction of Life Aligning.
Serious changes give stunning results.
Let us work together  . .
(Just let me recharge first).

Boxing Day and 27th I was teaching an intensive class for my apprentices – and now it is time for me to garden.

In the meantime, Jana (0427 047 370) and Ivana (0401 619 088) will be available –

Jana (0427 047 370) on Monday 8th for beginnner’s Bowen and

Ivana (0401 619 088) is a highly sensitive and skilled Kahuna massuer.