First things first

1) – Get rid of as many toxins as possible – as my daughter had been so helped when her mercury load diminished . .

2) – Drink as much more fresh, non chilled clean water. (at least 3 litres daily will make all the difference to you in all ways.

3) – Salt  only coloured. Needed for life – can’t do without it  High blood pressure worries) – start with life essentials – we need salt to make the gut acid – that then allows the digestion to work. Pink, grey, green – not white ever Iodine? Yes – is in all salt – the colour means that the minerals are still ALL there. Wellness education All day.

4) – Animal fats – make the hormones and absorb mineral and the essential for life –  fat soluble vitamins (circulation – A, D, C, E, K  and avoid all sugar including all fruit and juices, and use slat and fat and drinking more water to curb any cravings. Water first.

5) – to assist making more DHEA – magnesium topically, take mega doses of

6) – Vit D and the latest venture –

7) – iodine – seems to have been the missing piece for so many.

Look back to the chart the second one on the page – with all the green additions. We need fat – yes the animal is best – the saturated is the one you want – that give the building blocks for life. We need Vit D – and we get it easily from the sun – if we are out in it when it is ultraviolet B rays – and this is not all sunlight and not available at the winter times. . . and not behind glass. Some D is found in foods – in the animal fats and nuts/eggs etc. For more on healthy eating, please look to the various presentations I have amassed here.

When people are ‘watching their weight’ they are usually low thyroid contenders and would be far better off eating fat – as it is an energy source, is the building block for life/hormones and neurological tissues – the brain and repairing the nervous system – and without it – we crave . . . and eating ‘low fat’ is full of empty calories and sugars in various forms – all of which do not satiate the hunger for fat – whereas eating fat does – and weight is normalized. As is the moods and the metabolism.

But the thyroid has to have a supply of iodine. No longer is iodised salt enough – especially as people have been warned off salt . . Estrogen blocks its absorption. All those period/puberty woes are often no more than the wrong ingredients and not enough of the right ones for healthy life. So do pesticides, heavy metals (aluminium, mercury, cadmium and various others that have made their way into our bodies)

BUT instead of abounding iodine – there is fluoride in the water, the tooth paste, bromides in the foods, the air we breathe, all around us and of course chlorine .. .

So the thyroid health keeps plummeting.

Then people say that their thyroid is ‘fine’ as the GP has checked that – against a far too wide margin of not well measures. . . in the USA they previous .3 – 3.0 for TSH (Aust uses .4 – 4.0) is now down in some laboratories to .1 – 1.0 – this gives a far better result – as most who are within the wide range are not well – and hence visiting natural practitioners in a bid to find their health back.

Is your thyroid in great health?

So what to do?
Get some Aqueous Iodine solution and start painting it on yourself.
I thought that if it stayed there (although apparently should be still there on the skin for 48 hours looking brown) that meant iodine was not needed to be added in.

After getting a few other therapists to also see what would happen with their patients – it seems that after a few days most people’s bodies start absorbing – often within minutes. Whereas to start with it stayed on the surface .. .

What is happening?

The assorted halides (Fluoride/Chlorides/Bromides) that are talking the iodine receptor on the body are being released. If you have thought that you are ‘allergic’ to iodine – you cannot be as we need it to live.

The large amounts of people who have hormonal disruption – seen as endometriosis, weight gain in puberty, large breasts (abnormally so), cysts, PCOS, fibrocystic breasts and the like – to say nothing of cancers of all forms – could well start getting their iodine levels in their body back to where it should be.

What is the RDA (recommended daily allowance)? Set in the 50’s this may have been adequate before the other halides (Fluoride/Chlorides/Bromides) which muscle out the iodine in our tissues, were added to almost all of our life.

Now we could take a leaf from the Japanese diet – the women who eat 100x more iodine a day than the westerner women are slim, have bright children, and are not beset with female cancers. The Koreans also consume daily (often three times daily) a lot of seaweed. Sea vegetables are so plentiful, cheap and good for us. . .where are they in your diet?

For more please look to the information here

What does all this mean for the average person wanting to help themselves?

A big problem as all are going for RCT – randomized control trials prior to making decisions – or to back up what they will then choose to do.

I would say in the meantime, go back to what has always worked – whatever your great great grandmother was doing. She set your family line in motion from what she learned from her female relations before her – and it is still going. Before men wrote in books, mothers showed by example what they had been raised to do – look after people well. Tending children, sick and wounded and the elderly, women have always (until now) known what herb/plant to brew up as a tea or poultice to sort out whatever ailed anyone.

Going off to buy for the latest version of a chemical to add in, rather than taking the unneeded chemicals out of your body so the nutrient pathways can work again may not be the answer. Perhaps look at why for example we have cancer – investigate the so called ‘cancer villages’ in China would be a place to start – ‘is it genetic?’ Of course not. Plonk anyone in a hazardous waste dump (as the Chinese industries have all relocates to the major rivers to send all wastes unchecked and unregulated downstream) and this is what you get – horrendous toxic residues in all living things – such that they cannot live.

As to the ‘best practice’ in medicine of adding then chemo and radiation in – this will not be an answer – even if the population (and the world) can pay for this. This is a warning and a microcosm of what is to come – after all – the residue is flowing to the ocean and we are surrounded by it. We kill off the ocean (and the sea vegetables we need to live in (and where is our sustainable planet’s health for our great grandchildren?

What to do?
Think locally.

Buy locally.

Grow locally.

Take out all you can that is not needed in your body.

All chemicals in your environment.
Add in what is needed – consult the hormonal mud map again.
Read all the relevant pages on minerals here and vitamins here