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What you have at your calling from this one person

4 decades of excellence and inquiry into what and how to further when standard/orthodox has no more answers.

In this decade, I have also been presenting in USA, Sanschong, Korea and in Bandong Indonesia, and several times across Australia and in NZ, as well as being invited to be on webinars for international audiences from LA (two trips 2016/17), and traveling in and out of USA and Belize then again USA to further my manual/spiritual healing skills has lead me to be far more than ‘an acupuncturist’.


My foundation:

I wanted to ensure that my newborn son was not afflicted with asthma/eczema as his dad had been all his life.

I started as a new mother of a 6 week old baby – fully breastfed till 10 months, no car, no family, in a strange land.
Was part time working as well till the second year of study, when I worked full time and studied part time

Third year – studied advanced acupuncture, whilst I set up and ran my first clinic in central Brisbane – no childcare back then!


Classical acupuncture

(Gua Sha, cupping, moxa)
(Including iridology, Western herbal tinctures, diet and lifestyle advice)
(Including massage
Soft tissue manipulation
Joint mobilization
Lymphatic drainage)
Energy work
Polarity therapy
Metamorphic technique
Brazilian toe massage

Rolfing like techniques

Kiniesology and Touch For Health
Relaxation Centre’s “Centre Within” also included.

Patients mainly seen

What was not fixable in orthodox land. (Those who still are not being serviced by others)

PAIN – physical and women’s horrendous periods.
There was no ulcer medication – I treated successfully all gut problems including the bleeding duodenal ulcers
There was no HRT so I saw all menopausal issues
Any and every women’s problem (no useful medical surgeries or pharmaceuticals)

1980’s maternity

I began teaching, after co-developing and co-writing an alternative acupuncture course. This looked more logically at health and what to do to retrieve it through the classical acupuncture I had been taught, interfacing this with the newer faddish TCM that was all the rage (easier to teach) in the West from PRC. Initially the acupuncture I had been taught was from the European tradition – as the Jesuit priests and interested healer shad traveled widely and brought back what worked through their Western lineages – to the modern world, and our unique environments.

This is important as it was family lineage and personal mentor/teacher/master apprentice more back then – and those whose vocation it was to heal stepped forwards and up.

(In addition to the above)

Kathryn’s arrival heralded a change – and all foci as she took up all of my attention – a dying baby will do that to anyone .. rehabilitating neurological breakdown became alI I did – past keeping the family together – and writing advanced pregnancy trainings and delivering these through out this period.

A deepening focus – more energy/vibrational

Vibrational essences
(Including Bach flowers, crystal healing, Aura Soma)

Energy work

Reiki I and II

Brain /neurological rehabilitation in many forms including Doman – Delacrto and The Option Process.

Patients mainly seen

Teaching was my focus 1981- end 84.
In early 1980’sfertility started a little – I was the only one in Brisbane touching this or pregnancy.

General pain and women’s issues with a smattering of cancer and ‘hopeless’ cases –

Later 80’s

General health issues of any description – starting to be less pain as the anti inflammatories and other medications started up.


Deepening focus – Changing modalities for changing times

My interest increasingly in all forms of ‘different’/’hopeless’ as being Kathryn’s mother changed my perspective radically. HIV/AIS became a feature as I had received a blood transfusion in Jan 1984 when many babies died in Brisbane.

Added in – Chinese herbs – patents, then powdered mixes


Attended all the Japanese style trainnings offered by all the masters coming out beginning in mid 1994.
I rediscovered that my initial acupuncture training was perfect – as a mix in the context of the culture we all live in. From the physical styles – of being taught by a practical chiropractor- to the lymph/ligament /fascial untangling I had always had, the explanation as to why my treatments werealways a great success became clear – I was always striving for more. Hence I taught for several stints to undergraduates, before spending much of my time mentoring and writing and teaching post graduate work.what Dr van Buren taught in the late 1970’s was in advance of all of this as he amalgamated it into the master meridians – 8 Extras – that regulate, supervise and maintain the flow of Qi and Blood in the meridians that all others attempt to influence. From there the Heather’s Gentling Way – Moving Blockages to Healing


Mid 1990’s maternity

Began teaching again. A change from being at home, after the crisis mode of having a personal in-house intensive training I had undergone with my then expected to die baby, (massive brain injury and vaccine insult at every stage of her life), managing keeping her alive, sane, and maturing/normally developing was no mean feat.

Uni study for a Bachelor of Adult and Vocational Education was interrupted by the unplanned baby, as a single mother.

Retreated to home in Christchurch to birth my last child.
Returned to Brisbane to raise my last child, leaving my daughter in NZ, and sending the older son to be with his dad.
(Eldest son was 18+ and then living independently in Brisbane). Started my teaching degree, opened another clinic.

Rescue of another college that was floundering – me walking in to restructure it and teach the third year component.

Patients mainly seen

1 – AIDS/HIV (a third – the only one in Brisbane (“Hopeless cases” interest)
2 – Fertility/pregnancy (1/3 of those I saw as the only person who wrote/taught in this field)
3 – General – anyone who was not finding success with orthodoxy.

2000 – 2005 

My additional focus – Moving Blockages to Healing
(In addition to the above)

Maturing of all systems as I reflected on my practice as I wrote the ‘What Dads Can Do’ manual and realized the extremely easy system of Moving Blockages to Healing that I had been developing over the decades

Patients mainly seen

Anything anyone else was not working for.


AIDS/HIV Went the way of structural pain, menopause and terrible periods  – pills to pop.

Eventual retreat to NZ after selling my Witta house and garden, as I took a well earned rest with my new husband, whilst writing my book ‘What Dads Can Do”. This was inspired by my seeing so many couples flounder at birth as the medical profession did not honour why we have children – in love to greet and raise them. It is my belief that wreaking the maternal/baby bond thorough modern medicalised birthing practices, whilst  fracturing the couples faith in nature, and each other, is not a good start to a family.

2005 – 2010

Honing in on my specialty – maternity and fertility – when all else failed.

18 months later – (2006) I was back in the Brisbane saddle, rescuing one, then two sons from their lives (interrupted by their sister’s life catastrophes). The Pike River coal mine disaster (2010) (local to my healing sanctuary in NZ), and the initial Christchurch earthquake (2010/2011 where I was living with my sons and husband to allow their continued education), and the Brisbane (where I was to find all of this) flood, and the following the Christchurch earthquake created the need for a life review as I continued to focus on rescuing my own children.

Personally discovering more ways to assist my adult damaged daughter live more peaceably in her own life meant I was able to bring these gems back to practice. A gradual  acceptance that I live in two countries, and at my own expense FIFO as a kiwi commuter.

Concurrently, my international teaching began in the 80’s (cross Tasman), increasing range with my invitation to teach in Amersfoort in The Netherlands in 2006. This was preceded by my production of a range of advanced acupuncture tuition tools for the post graduate – always on the ‘hard topics’ – when what is taught is not enough – through my own brand of Moving Blockages /wise womanly themed maternal natural health care pragmatism. These were also marketed through an international acupuncture post graduate system allowing me to begin my international mentoring inline through blogs and my reach into far flung places.

My system is transferable!

Back in NZ I began working within a closed Christian cult, where all women have at least 10 and often more children each. I gained unique experience in working with massively high risk maternal issues and resolving them through the intensive application of 1:1 individualised care – my Moving Blockages system – using all natural health problem solving at my disposal – covering all aspects of their maternity lost. Engaging back the elder wisdoms of eating and living as their forebears would have –  returning all to more health through their gradual acceptance of what had been ‘gospel’ in the eyes of their leaders – was not supporting life as they needed it.  A growing time for all.

Their learnings and my promptings were pivotal in my complete changing what I see as causation in all matters health and maternity focused .This has lead me into far more outlying positions than previously.
They work.

Nature heals
When we let her.

These enllghtening experiences allowed me to radically alter how I thus all see the beginnings of life and how very important getting the pre conception and the gestational periods – in addition to the partuition (birthing) time – and of course all matters maternal has to include lactation.

2010 – now

Additional focus – Gyno-visceral manipulation
(In addition to the above)


My version of Mercier therapy
(I have been researching and developig and teaching a different skill set for decades longer than Jennifer – so these are now added in to what I have always pioneered).

How what I do differs from standard Mercier therapy

Patients mainly seen

Those who still are not being serviced by others

Of course now the IVF not working (we need to get smarter and ask – “what sort of babies do we want to make?”).

General stress and tension and pain as always

Again – when the various modalities and even acupuncturists (who are only that) do not work . .

Now. . . .

Discovery of online marketing – that keeps evolving faster than I can as I run the many threads of my life concurrently.

Traveling extensively often several times a year to the Northern Hemisphere as I check out further opportunities to learn

Rothenburg my new special place

I attended the Acupuncture Kongress 2013/14/17.

To be a presenter myself in 2018

2 day practical – limited seats!

(‘Nourishing Better Babies – From Pre Conception to Toddlerhood’)

Locally – apprenticing healers to carry on my learnings.


Looking forwards: Helping many help themselves ..

Through online courses and experiences.
Programmes to see me to be 1:1 assisting in their journey back to health.


Available from 16th Jan in Brisbane

Ph +617 3899 2274

First half of January – in NZ healing sanctuary

Contact me now!!