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Welcome to the Life Alignment Centre, a natural healing sanctuary in Coorparoo, Brisbane, directed by Heather Bruce. Heather has a special interest in natural solutions to health issues, and works with fertility coaching, having easy babies, men’s health, and general wellness for all. Heather’s work is informed by Chinese traditional techniques, nutritional care, Maya massage, Mercier fertility work, and good common sense. Heather will listen.

The Life Alignment Centre in Coorparoo.

Heather’s Blog

Pain and how to live without it

What is pain? A state of being your body alerting you that something is wrong. Why is pain? Something is not flowing. The disruption to life force then impedes normal circulation of life energy and the body wants you to do something about it. Not tell it to shut up by...

Anxiety – What Lies Beneath?

Please be aware that this is a trigger for many What to do if you read further and this happens? Spiritual bathing is not something our culture does - yet it is so healing . . Maybe start with some sprigs of rosemary and flowers and a bowl of water? Using a lustre...

Maternal Rescues

are often needed decades later . . Maybe healing your own mother wounds. AND  shattered may hurt just too much . .       Whilst being a new (or an older) mum ..     OR You may need help right now . . What price sanity/freedom to enjoy the being and life you have...

Meet our Practitioners

Heather Bruce

Heather Bruce

Heather Bruce has been an acupuncture consultant, naturopath, herbalist and lifestyle counselor since 1979, when she opened her first practice in Brisbane, Australia. Since then she has sought to understand why some people have NOT had success in working with her. Developing writing and teaching under and post graduate acupuncture courses since 1981, she has always mentored and assisted those coming up  behind her.

This process was intensified when she had a massively brain injured baby daughter in 1986 – and since then Heather has move mountains in working with those whose prognosis is ‘hopeless’.

Hopeless when you are stopped by limitations – we could also ask ‘why’? and go on the adventure to uncover the life truths we are all here to live through.

Having pushed all boundaries in her quest for excellence in practice, she is usually ready with a simple, natural solution for you.

This has lead her into many place few venture. The combination of her 40 years study and life work whilst amalgamating the Maya/Arvigo and Mercier massage belly and back care has meant that most apparently hopeless cases are now simple. Come in and see how!

If you have a health or life problem that seems unsurmountable it is likely Heather can help. Online courses and kits to assist in her return to perfection are available, allowing you take charge yourself.

Ivana Nightingale

Ivana Nightingale

Kahuna Massage

Ivana’s Ka Huna bodywork is gentle and powerful. She first experienced Ka Huna while recovering from depression and adrenal fatigue, while mothering four children, the youngest only 2. The massage was an incredible session of emotional release, generating a feeling of relaxation like never before.

She chose to become a Ka Huna practitioner to help others reconnect to their bodies, and to find authenticity and more love in their lives by revitalising body and spirit. Over the two years of undergoing training, she gained more and more awareness of the connections between mental, emotional and physical well being.

“What I love about Ka Huna is that while it helps release muscular tension, it also takes the receiver on a journey of energetic realignment. Each session is held in the spirit of unconditional love, creating space for introspection, relaxation, but also for release of tears, or anger or anything else moving through at the time.”

Ka Huna helps you honour your commitment to your own growth, healing and “wholing”
“Far more than just a massage” So nurturing – Heather. 

Please make time to see Ivana today.
Ring her directly on 0401 619 088 – she is at the Life Alignment Centre on Fridays.