What is pain?

A state of being your body alerting you that something is wrong.

Why is pain?

Something is not flowing.
The disruption to life force then impedes normal circulation of life energy and the body wants you to do something about it.

Not tell it to shut up by masking with medicines.
Not continue to take a greater and more violent cocktail of pharmacueticals that are accommodated to until morphine patches on top of all other steps up this masking ladder are not working  but still ‘need’ to shut off these messages of alarm/distress and frank body freakout.

Why not just stop and listen to your body?

How to undo this?

Start with my simple self care massage tips.

To get your flows flowing . . so gently . .
And you have on hand literally – your own hands.

Self Massage

Your lymph needs to flow

What is lymph?

A vital component of your body fluids.
Start by drinking SO MUCH MORE WATER.

Dehydration is made so much worse by taking any medications.

Modern life needs us to be drinking more than eating.



is essential to flows in your body.

From my working with the Maya and the Mercier work – added onto my own Moving Blockages style belly moves – as the key to fluid metabolism resides there.

I have discovered it is soooo easy to undo almost all pain in the body – work on any body disharmony.

Maya Abdominal Therapy


Life residue needs undoing the toxic residues that have permeated all tissue.

How to remove them?

1 – Drink so much more water!

Pure and non chilled. At least 3 litres daily and ideally at least 1, if not 2 litres before you eat or drink anything in the morning. This habit will allow your body to heal – especially if you follow the early morning routine suggested here.

2 – Take this Glutathione accelerator to kick start your mitochondria/detox pathways/metabolism/stop all inflammation (also no sugar/sweet anything or grains/alcohol).

Toxins are laid down when the body has no idea what to do with them – in our fat cells – meaning also your nervous system and brain – welcome to the dementia epidemic – (take more flu shots. .  .)

(Over time this will do harm)

Aluminium and chronic mercury exposure leading to the poisoning of all your tissues is completely ignored by modern pharma driven ‘medicine’  – and these alone are possibly stopping your inner nutrient path ways – regardless of how well you are choosing to eat – your essential ingredients may just not be getting there.

3 – Are you on anti inflammatory medication?

How about stopping the inflammation instead?
Take in to your body NO anything that converts to sugar inside your body.

No fruit juices/anything that tastes sweet – that is NO liquids/suckables and no cereals/grains.
By doing this you are also starving out the Candida. Expect these little gremlins to play up – so squeeze straight actual lemon juice into your mouth – that will ‘fix it. Plus eat some butter wit Himalayan salt sprinkled – that will allow the salt/m

inerals and fats to do their job. Support life better.

See more on why you need fat here –  all of your body – not just breasts and babies . .

What are those statins also doing?
Creating pain – and so much more.

Perhaps you need to start listening to life?

4 – Improve your gut health – so you can actually absorb the fuel that you put in
(Think car thoughts. . . )
Is there too much crud – like in an almost seized up engine?

Gut health

More pain free moments needed?

Do not cut the nerves that service that area.

Do. .

Add in coloured salt to everything – a lot.
More fat – animal – organic.
So much more sunlight – take sun baths – 10 minutes in the full sun daily – front and back.

Ingredient – sunlight/Vitamin D3

What would your grandma say to do?


All oral traditions were full of important life saving advice – and NONE mentioned adding in cold.
All absolutely avoided it
(And suggested warm chicken soup)

There is what modern life does to your engine – your gut /food factory. .

Gut needs essential Qi – heat to work


Do not add in cold that temporarily (at best) numbs

Does cold affect body functioning and give us pain?


Everyone DID know this. .
(All ‘old wives’ tales’???)
All traditional East Asian Medicine will show you . . .
The addition of cold stops your flows flowing: thus pain happens . .

STOP icing yourself so you do not have to get rid of the residue of this silly practice later!

This is why hot water bottles/ holding hot cups of tea – anything warming tends to offer relief – cold causes pain and contraction of all that lives.

Your flows get flowing temporarily with the heat.
Why not pull out the residue of the ages – all those small amounts that have lead you to where you can’t move well – and feel the instant difference?

Or better still – come in and let me take it out for you – instant relief with most problems as when your Yang Qi flows

What to do to avoid more cold within?

1 – Stop all cold additions – that includes drinking water at ‘room temperature – as it is not body temperature.
Go warm drinks – especially adding in perhaps some lemon juice into cups of hot water.

2 – Eat warming nourishing broths and stews and avoid all those green smoothies and anything not body temperature or above.

3 – Get out of the drafts – wherever you find yourself – as cold stops your Qi from flowing

4 – Make friends with all those oral traditions (Old Wives Tales) that you remember – as they hold the keys that got you to here. (Granny’s medicines).

5 – Stop even sitting on a cold loo seat – paper or hand towels to cushion? (Seriously)

6 – Carry a wrap or a scarf about – as the drafts coming in to the back of the head can trigger colds/flus/Bell’s palsy even.


Then your body can spring back to life again.

See more here – even if you have not been ‘diagnosed’ with having fibromyalgia (and anything else decided to be ‘hopeless’ medically – you need to fix this yourself.  There is just a life of more misery as you are given pills to mask – not what to do to fix this – who knew life as this simple?

7 – Come in and let me get rid of what is holding your Yang Qi back . .

8 – Start taking charge yourself.  . Buy the course below to learn more – what I have distilled over the past 4 decades teaching acupuncturists – work through what does and does not work in clinic – on everyone. Help yourself and those about you – it WAS Elder’s home remedies . .

You can easily help yourself to health!

As every one did in times past

They lived well

They had the life instructions – learned at mum and dad’s knees.

Home remedies and garden remedies were followed for wellness.

Let’s get back there –  as healing needs change.

Living better/simpler/more naturally can only help.

What else?
Add on magnesium – topically

If this prickles, itches you can’t stand it – this is a warning that you are so overloaded with mercury – back to taking out what is not supposed to be there.

A lot – I suggest at least every toilet break – add onto the skin

(Warmed by popping it on your hands first) a roll-on or spray and then rub in – this will assist in your NOT having brittle bones – no broken hips for you – plus it will aid in all spasm/pain and aching relief . .really works!!

Vit D3 supplementation – a lot – start with 50,000 iu daily to replace the fat of either being on statins – which have created all that is no a prob;em – a meta statistical anyalsis showed that 15 more of each 100 people on these drugs had sever and chronic pan who would not have otherwise.

What is the correlation – no Vit D3 absorbed and the magnesium no longer bio available – as the fat is broken WHY are we not living as our own grandparents’ grandparents did in their days?

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