This is the story go one woman who had had enough of the mess that was her life.
She choose to take the hand offered her

2015 Ailments

  • Chronic back issues. L! through to L5 .Disc – severe degeneration.
  • History of bilateral fracture vertebrae 2012.
  • Severe and persistent pain.
  • Congestion of left lower abdomen
  • Poly Athralgia – Hands
  • Indigestion
  • Campylobacter Pylori.
  • Overweight
  • Fatigue
  • Foggy Brain
  • Depressed


  • Valium, Codeine, Para-codeine.Paracetamol
  • Regime of 800 mg Ibubrufen for four days on then four days off. before the above
  • Magnesium orally
  • Weekly trips to Chiropractor.


How to help yourself?
See me for easy and gentle . .

Investment in the rest of your life – lived well – not put up with,





  • Minor discomfort in the back.


No medication as above since 2015 Self Care and all other courses taken since.
(All healing began with the completion of the homework – ‘Undoing Your Inner Library’)

This is a life time of abuse hidden/attempted to be ignored/medicated against – see above – finally undone.
At a speed that is startling – when we choose to change, it happens.

Choices . .

You can stay medicated – the Red Pill/Blue Pill option.

Choose the Blue Pill and forget and believe what you are fed/told to believe.

Take the Red Pill – off those blinkers and live well!

Or stay stuck – and live in victim /suffer/survivor mode.
Will eventually end up unhappily with cancer or/and dead.

Recently .  .

I asked her how did she get through it all

She said – “I didn’t – not until I opened up”
Undoing her Inner Library and unpacking what it meant/reframing how she saw it.

Not hidden – as horror avoidance and being so stuck her ‘normal’ it took a bit to undo – and is now out of it


   and – chose to open                      Look At ME Now!!



Love Yourself Better!

Declutter Reset Restore


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Live freely . .