Heather’s Wellness Programmes

Six-Visit Intensive Return to Health.

This is your real Health insurance.
Access health /body/life alignment coaching at its best. Book in for a block of 6 intensive 3 hours sessions visits with Heather, and make a commitment to nurturing your health and learning self-care techniques.

Streamline your time of being unwell and imbalanced – hasten your return to wellness with several 2-3 hour sessions as mini spas – and see how far you can come – as others have before you.

Your body tells you what it needs, learn to listen to it with regular self care – and give it the right ingredients to work properly. 

Maya Self Care Weekend, Level 1 – Brisbane, December 2017

care for yourselfMake a gift to yourself of a weekend of deep and sacred space, in the clinic, learning profound self-care techniques.  Two helpers and myself will take you to yourself and back. 

This is an investment in gentling yourself – with an intimate group of new friends.

There is only space for 6 more participants. It is a very limited group so the weekend can be all about YOU.

Self Care – a weekend to yourself – undoing all you have been through.
Book for the Maya Self Care Weekend.


Heather is currently also seeing people for one-off sessions in the clinic.

“After decades of working with people – I know it is all about YOUR commitment.
Come in and talk about what you can undo with my help.”

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