How Heather is different

(Taken at the 2016 National Homebirth Midwives conference  Perth – they were getting us to knit for Africa!

1 – Been around a while for starters

Before all these bright new shiny gadgets and faddy ideas.

Started off just ensuring my little baby did not get the asthma/life drams his dad did – he did not!

As the only woman acupuncturist in central Brisbane – starting up a clinic in 1979 in Adelaide St

I quickly become known as the one to visit when nothing else had worked.
Before there were anti inflammatories and arthroscopes, HRT and laser surgeries, progesterone implants and IVF, anti stomach ulcer and antidepressant medications – people had to get better somehow and they were not afraid to step outside ‘orthodox’ as there WAS NO HELP THERE.

There was acupuncture

Those of us who were working then were experts on pain and stress relief/release and in changing /transforming everyone’s lives.
The medical specialists would shake people’s hands and tell the to get their affairs in order – coded message ‘you are done for’
People would find someone like me.
And would pay attention and do as directed.

An ask back then – as I looked 14 at 24.


Soon I as teaching after writing an alternative course to what I had attended. The inspiring lecturer/inquisitive natural health problem solver adventure in me started her life long career of being a mentor to many.


In the 70’s it was easy enough to help people – use the wellness model afforded through studying acupuncture (Not TCM yet) and reverse what was happening for people.

A few needles, moxa, massage and within a few sessions – massive improvement.


In the 80’s I had added some Vit C and B – (both water soluble) and both within the reach of all.

In the late ‘80’s (photo late 1986) I was sidelined with my own life dramas for a time, as my third baby was massively brain injured, so I was offline for others’ problems for about a decade whilst attending to hers. . In this time, I wish I had known about the role of minerals, as it would have made all the difference for her, and our lives.

There is more on one of my maternal adventures here.

Sometimes learning must happen – in life – actually doing it.

Not through bums on seats – or looking online – not ‘formal education’.

Return to ‘the world’ – from the rabbit hole of being my daughter’s (and my own life’s) rescuer


1) – Being in practice in the early 90’s (photo1992) (along with being back to my passion – teaching healing), in clinic – besides the B and C vitamins prescribed (I have always also been an naturopath), magnesium and zinc was given out freely to all, and in addition – always in addition – the Western herbs (and Bach and bush flower essences) I had been using were replaced gradually with Chinese herbs as I found them to be far more effective.

Along the way I started adding different supplements – mainly vitamins – in the push to try to get the earlier results I had seen in the 70’s. Reading Dr Igor Trabizian’s – books in the early 90’s had me then using Zinc, Selenium and Iron in ever increasing amounts to try to help the conversion of T4 to T3 – and to assist the adrenals to work better – of course all the while, computers new electronics, Wifi, Sat navs and various other electronic leakages – plus the extra vaccines and their toxic heavy metal harvests for the body and the increasing pressures to be ‘on’ and not ‘off’ mean that rest, and life enjoyment took huge dives. . .

Of course by now, people were taking masking medications for just about all conditions that there used to be a few short decades ago, no drugs for – and instead of getting better, (changing what cause the problems in the first place – essentially backing out of the illness cul-de-sac) people were told that they had to continue living indefinitely on pills. (Retail industry – commercial medicine).


(photo – 2001) In the early 2000’s I started gearing up to get people to also take many minerals, as just what had always worked was not . This of course was being mirrored (for anyone who had the wit to see – not the greedy eyes visions) by the tadpoles – the canary in the mine – as the sperm acceptable level as being called ‘fertile dropped from 30% LOOKING NORMAL to a mere 15%. Anyone wondering why yet?

) – get rid of as many toxins as possible – as my daughter had been so helped when her mercury load diminished . .

4) – animal fats, avoid all sugar including all fruit and juices, and use

5) – to assist making more DHEA – magnesium topically, take mega doses of

6) – Vit D and the latest venture –

7) – iodine – seems to have been the missing piece for so many.

2004 – onwards
I left practice – took 18 months off back home (NZ)  wrote What Dads Can Do, re organised my life – and then returned mid 2006 to Brisbane – and started back up in practice again – what we do to rescue our children!

2010 – now

(Photo 2015) I worked out that this is not about me and what I can do.

Get inside their head!!
Acupuncture alone is unlikely to help as the FEAR that is now in all spheres in all ways to monetise for others. .

Where did service go?
Even honesty?
Especially in all walks of ‘medicine’?
Where the ‘bottom line’ is to tell you that you ‘need’ to take whatever forever . .

Enticing people to live well – eat more fat, salt and see much more sun can be a hard ask as all seem to have advice to the contrary – forgetting that this is why they are seeing my assistance..


I slipped right back into teacher mode
Internationally as well as thorough the region.

In clinic I have found that people aare ever more scared.
Ever more aware of the big ‘C’ lurking. .
Told that they need a diagnosis before thy can move forwards.

Not understanding that the ‘diagnosis’ is matched with a strategy that ensnares .

Why not just clear out what is not supposed to be theer
And add in what is?
And then make sure it is moving ..