Pain in the vulva – and by extension – all through the pelvis . .
And your life

What to do?

‘Manage’ symptoms?
Or actually undo what has happened to you?
If you have ‘had enough’ to reach out to actually heal – I am your woman.

Having been through decades of supporting women with their specific and general health and body issues  I have searched far and will have many tools to allow real healing for you – and safely at home – to take over looking after yourself .

The constant searching for clues . .

My own Moving Blockages work leading onto the publishing of various works

The site specifically for understanding how your body works

My finding the Maya abdominal and associated back corrections,

Adding in the Mercier moves

Mercier Therapy

PLUS my Moving Blockages work (developed over the past 4 decades of my being an acupuncturist plus a lymph and soft tissue, now also gyno-visceral therapist . .) and providing natural health care to those who want to be – is ready now for you.

Why ‘Gentling’?

I provide programmes as it is an intensive series of work – on all levels.

You commit to helping yourself – and I commit to educating your body on every level – so you take charge back .
There is a lot of other work that also needs tending to .This is NOT just about your women’s bits.

What Lies Beneath

I have been actively seeking to help – as the forcing of the orthodox and the ‘medical’ route is not helping.
We need to get to why this is happening and correct that – upstream.

Love Yourself Better


Contact me today to start your new life

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